School Visits

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Would you like Susan to visit your school?  

Then send her an invite here.

Susan could be appearing in your classroom, or at your next assembly! 

She loves spending time with the children who read her books and if she can schedule it in – she’d love to come to your school too.


Author Visit FAQs


Approx date of visit: 

Any other info / queries: 


How do you invite Susan to your school?  Click on the email link and complete the form.

What information will you need?  Let us know of an approximate date you would like Susan to visit and she will check her schedule. You’ll also need to give us the name of your Head teacher and a contact at the school who we can arrange to speak to about the visit.

What will it cost?  It won’t cost you, or your school, anything at all!

How can we get the best out of Susan’s visit?  The single most important thing is to prepare the pupils. Pupils who have heard or read the author's books will be eager to meet and question their visitor. Art activities pertaining to the books also increase the interest and excitement of pupils. In general, the more preparation teachers do with their classes, the more successful the visit will be. 
We can provide ideas for activities prior to the visit. Once we have agreed a date, we will speak to you in more detail about preparing for the visit.

Will the Susan sign their books?  Susan would be delighted to sign the pupil’s copies of her books.
You can order copies of the books in advance of the visit and make them available for pupil and teacher purchase. 
Susan will be delighted to sign all purchased books but cannot sign slips of paper. In order to have happy pupils, it is a good idea to create a simple bookmark with the author's signature so all pupils can have an "autograph." 
It is far more meaningful to a pupil to present their book to the author and watch them sign it than to have teachers turn over stacks of books for signing out of the pupils’ presence. Write each young person's name on a slip of paper to tuck in their book to prevent spelling errors.

How far in advance should we plan an author visit?  Susan is very busy, so you should allow at least three months lead time before your planned visit, although it doesn't hurt to ask if you want to see her sooner.

What kind of follow-up should we have?  Thank you notes from pupils and teachers are always appreciated. It is nice to have acknowledgment that the visit was well received. Some authors value a letter from a librarian, teacher, or principal that can serve as a reference for future engagements.

Is there anything else we need to do to have a successful visit?  
· Ask about lodging preferences if the author will need to spend the night. 
· Put everything in writing including dates, equipment, times and grade levels of presentations, and any other details of importance to you or the author. 
· Advertise the visit widely to parents, students, and the community. 
· Send reminders about book purchases and times of presentations the day before the actual visit.
To help things go smoothly on the day
· On the day have someone prepared to introduce the author in an enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner. 
· Make sure you have provided the equipment the author requested. 
· Wait until all classes are seated before introducing the author.