Wind darts about when he has plenty of puff, and stays stationary when heís out-of-puff. Heís a good natured character most of the time. He occasionally gets angry and blows gales but not that often. Lelooni drives him wild firing snowballs at him, knocking the wind out of his sails. He hates that! Every breath of Wind he has is precious and he likes to keep it in case he needs it!

Wind loves thwarting Lelooniís attempts at pinching things from the planet below. Heís particularly good at blowing away nasty niffs! He likes it very much when itís his turn to do the introduction when the Mothership brings something for the Sweaterheads to explore, He is hoping some day the Mothership brings back a trumpet, heís particularly fond of any kind of wind instruments. He has a particular
fascination for wind-chimes, he loves making them tinkle.

Age:  Quite old.
Character:  Playful Huffy and Puffy. Blows and bellows. Talks quickly as if heís out of puff. Likes nothing better than a good read. He is very knowledgeable.
Likes:  To blow people away, impressing them with his knowledge, some of the Sweaterheads have wind chimes, he particularly likes blowing them. They make him happy.
Dislikes:  Lelooni especially when he fires handfulls of cloud at him. It takes his breath away and that is not right.
Favourite colour:  Grey.
Favourite place on Intarsia:  The sky.
Best friend:  The Mothership and Sun.
The most Famous person Iíd like to meet:  My cousins Earthís Winds, all four of them North, South, East & West.
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island ?:  Sun and The Mothership.
Favourite activity: Sleeping.
Least favoured activity:  Being alone with nothing to do.
Favourite time: A calm day, just before the storm.
What I like to do to relax: Spy on the others down below.

Who does he miss most when they are not around: Sun.

Ambition: To play the trumpet.
Country of Origin: Earth.
Address:  Orbit, around Intarsia.
Props:  Heís seen occasionally blowing over the pages of a book, blowing a kite, a balloon.