Sun rises in the East and sets in the West just like his father Earth’s Sun, (he was formed when a little part of Earth’s sun separated from the main mass This went into orbit around Intarsia. He's not nearly as hot as Earths sun, though. He loves rising in the morning, having a good stretch and yawn, and then then gets tucked into a big bowl of cornflakes! He likes having a nap after lunch, he is often rudely awakened by that naughty Lelooni firing snowballs at him! Wind is a good friend, especially if he get too hot, as he often cools him down a degree or two, if needed. He's a great friend. Sun loves watching the antics of the Sweaterheads down below and his big bellowing laugh can be heard all over Intarsia!

Age:  Terribly old.
Great peaks of orange and gold flames .
Character:  Authoritative, a great sense of humour. kind and full of bright ideas. Hot on most subjects. particularly about hot stuff! loses his patience easily, especially with Lelooni (he thinks Lelooni is much too cheeky for his own good).
Likes:  To shine brightly.
Dislikes:  Lelooni intensely ( he cools him down a lot.)
Favourite colour:  Bright yellow, orange.
Favourite place on Intarsia:  In the sky.
Best friend:  The Mothership, Wind and the totem Pole. Just loves the Sweaterheads, they make him feel warm inside.

Greatest wish: For the Mothership to knit him a pair of legs, so he can nip down below occasionally.

The most Famous person I’d like to meet:  My father Earths Sun.
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island ?:  The Mothership and the Totem Pole.
Favourite activity: Shining, Sleeping and “shushing” Lelooni, (he’s far too noisy.)
Least favoured activity:  Going down at dusk while the Sweaterheads are singing. he likes to hear their songs.
Favourite time: In the morning when he’s rising.
What does he like to do to relax: Shine and glow.

Who does he miss most when they are not around: Wind, he’s hilarious! (a bit huffy though,) he’s always blowing hot and cold!

Ambition: To have a birthday party, and to burn for all eternity.
Country of Origin: Earth.
Address:  Orbit, Around Intarsia. and sunglasses.
Props:  Blue and white striped bowl of cornflakes, silver spoon, and sunglasses.