Sam is the youngest Sweaterhead and just loves playing with all things round - balls are his favourite toy and he adores playing ball-games! Sam being so young his character is not fully developed yet. Pimple is his hero. He believes everything Pimple says! Sam is very bright. Hes exceptionally good at reading for one so young. Hes much more intelligent than his idol, Pimple. I think Pimple knows this, but he will never admit it! Sam lives next door to Pimple.

Age:  5 - 6
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Pale blonde
Character:  A nice wee guy, very gentle, very loyal especially to Pimple. Sams personality is a bit under developed. Pimple is his idol, he uses him as a role model.
Likes:  Balls of all kinds.
Dislikes:  Anything that is not round.
Favourite place on Intarsia:  Her gym
Favourite food:  Apples and pears, the same as Pimple. but he definitely prefers round food; melon balls are good!
Favourite colour:  Red, yellow and green. He likes blue as well but wont admit to it because Pimple isnt too keen on it.
Favourite place on Intarsia: Wherever Pimple is.
Best friend:  Pimple
Least favoured activity: Playing board games, he gets bored with them.
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island:  All the Sweaterheads for a month;  shed soon whip them into shape
Favourite activity:  Playing with balls.
What I like to do to relax:  Emmm... play with balls.
Favourite possession:  His balls...
Who does she miss most when they are not around:  Pimple.
Ambition:  To be like Pimple, thats what he would say, but Id like to see him grow and his personality to develop. we need to find him something interesting to set his sights on.
Country of Origin:  United states of America.
Address:  1 Pine Row, Planet Intarsia. K1 P1.
Props:  Balls of all types. The Mothership is constantly searching Earth for new ball games for him. In fact anything round.