Salvador Doodle is a copy of Salvador Dali and was brought to Intarsia by The Mothership to add colour to the planet. His love of painting is matched only by his love of singing. With his artist's palette and paintbrush in his hand, he can be found all over the planet, happily painting and humming away to himself. 

He particularly likes colouring in the Sweaterheads, they giggle and wriggle about when he does it. I suppose it must tickle when you’re being coloured in! Salvador would love to teach Earth's children all about art and painting. He lives in a converted paint tin, which doubles as his Studio.

Age:  Old
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Black
Character:  Happy-go-lucky, caring, extremely talented, huge ego, loves singing.
Likes:  Painting.
Dislikes:  Painting.
Favourite colour:  All colours are his favourites.
Favourite food:  Lots of vegetables, fruit and carrots. He likes to nibble one while he paints.  Quite often he nibbles his paint-brush by mistake!
Favourite place on Intarsia The places that are still to be coloured in.
Best friend:  The Totem Pole.
Favourite Book: Salvador Dali.
The famous person he’d most like to meet: His namesake, Salvador Dali.
With whom would he most like to be stranded on a desert island:  His paint and brushes.
Famous person he'd most like to meet:  Long John Silver.
Favourite activity: Painting.
Least favoured activity:  Painting.
What he likes to do to relax:  Sing.
Favourite possession:  His brushes and paints.
Who does she miss most when they are not around:  The Totem Pole.
Ambition:  To paint a giant masterpiece. Isn't that exactly what your doing Salvador ?
He’d also like to present an art programme for Earth’s children.
Country of Origin:  Spain
Address:  There, by the Crossroads. Planet Intarsia. K3, P3.
Props:  Paint pots, tubes of paint, brushes, easels, paint rags.