Pimple the Punk is a bit of a rebel. He likes to do things his own way. He’d like to be Louise’s boyfriend but Sam thinks girls get in the way of ball-games, so he tends not to let Sam see how much he likes Louise. Sam is his best friend. He really looks up to him and that makes Pimple feel really good. Pimple can’t read very well. He has trouble with his letters He gets the ‘Intarsia News’ every day and tries to read it. Sam is great at reading. He always helps him, although Sam isn’t aware that Pimple isn’t too good at his letters. Pimple often tricks Sam into reading something first. He does it in such a way that Sam thinks Pimple is helping him!

Pimple loses a front tooth, and discovers, while howling in pain, he has quite a good voice, he forms his band, ‘The Adolecent Pimples’ with Louise and his backing group The Tassels, the Tassels have big lips when they sing “Ooooh!” (thats all they sing!) They all sing into pom-poms. The high-hat yelps when Pimple steps on his big toe! This certainly gives his music an original sound!  

Age:  Early teens
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Red, yellow, green.
Character:  Arrogant, not too bright and a bit of a bully, if he thinks he can get away with it! His hand - gestures are quite something! He’s a talented, good musician and writes a lot of his own music.
Best friend:  Sam
Favourite food:  Apples and pears.
Favourite colour: Red, yellow and green.
Famous Person he'd most like to meet: Robbie Williams.

Who does he miss most when they are not around: Louise and Sam.

Least favoured activity:  Exercise. He tries to avoid Kate Fit, she can be a pain sometimes!
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island?: Louise and Sam.
Dislikes: Cleaning, being made a fool of.
Favourite activity: Singing and playing the guitar.
Likes:  Getting his own way.
What he likes to do to relax: Sing: practice his guitar or drums.
Favourite possession: His guitar and his musical instruments.
Favourite place on Intarsia: Wherever Louise and Sam are.
Ambition:  To be a famous musician on Earth as well as on Intarsia.  He’s working on his first song - ‘Zit,’ He’s hoping to get a recording contract soon. Don’t tell him ‘The Adolescent Pimples’ are a manufactured band; he’ll get upset!
Country of Origin:  Scotland.
Address 3 Pine Row, Planet Intarsia, K1 P1.
Props:  Guitar, drums, all manner of musical instruments, garden tools, car and garage.