Naebeard is Intarsia’s only pirate. He lives in his very own cove on the beach in a Log cabin. His most treasured possession is his jollyboat HMS Raft. Being a younger Sweaterhead. he doesn’t have a beard like the pirates he admires so much - Bluebeard and Blackbeard. He emulates Long John Silver by resting his leg on a wooden stump that doubles as a spyglass, one of the Mothership’s funky designs!

Naebeard is accompanied by his incessantly-chattering parrot, Yarn, and his very own cat of nine tails his name is... Ninetails of course! Naebeard digs lots of holes and Ninetails fils them in with his nine tails. They twirl round like a fan. Naebeard searches constantly for treasure, but nothing satisfies him for long, until he discovers the greatest treasure of all – books! He then becomes the oddest librarian in the universe.

Age:  10
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Brown
Character:  Excitable but caring. Adventurous, brave and imaginative.
Likes:  Hunting for treasure.
Dislikes:  Yarn’s incessant chattering, especially when he’s trying to concentrate on something!
Favourite activity:  Treasure hunting.
Favourite book:  Treasure Island
Favourite place: Naebeard’s Cove
Best friend:  His parrot Yarn, and Ninetails his cat.
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island:  Yarn and Ninetails. You must mean Mohair Island or the Eyebrow Islands. They are the only Islands on Intarsia.
Famous person he'd most like to meet:  Long John Silver.
Least favoured activity:  Gardening. All the other Intarsians love it, but nothing much grows in sand, except one of the legs of his chairs in his cabin! It seems to have rooted! There are few leaves growing out of a small branch. The roots have got a firm grip in the sand! Most odd! Yarn perches on it and chatters in his ear.
What he likes to do to relax:  Dig holes, Ninetails follows him and fills them in with his tails. Most irritating.
Favourite possession:  His jollyboat H.M.S Raft.
Who does she miss most when they are not around:  Yarn and Ninetails, and the other Sweaterheads. They only come when they have a Treasure hunt.
Ambition:  To sail Earth’s seven seas, Intarsia has only one. There is not much chance of that happening, except in his dreams.
Country of Origin:  Somewhere in England.
Address:  Naebeard’s Cove, Planet Intarsia. S2 K1.
Props:  HMS Raft, trunks, telescope / peg leg. a collection of maps, a barrel, life belt, anchor, and a perch for Yarn (outside), Table & chair, a hammock, basket for Ninetails, books. wooden swords, (crossed over the fireplace). Log cabin & log fire.