Louise is the most beautiful Sweaterhead - well, she thinks she is, anyway! Although a good and loyal
friend, she can be quite preoccupied with her own self-image.  She loves her garden and prides herself on having the prettiest flowers in all Intarsia. As soon as a bloom opens, she rushes out to tie a bow round it, to make it even prettier!

She loves shoes, but always wears the same ones - she can’t walk in high heels, she walks in them like a child wearing her mothers shoes! The Sweaterheads roll about laughing if she dares venture out in them. Her wardrobe is full of shoes and earrings, all neatly displayed in racks, from floor to ceiling.  She plays in her friend Pimple's band 'The Adolescent Pimples'.  

Age:  Early teens
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Pale blonde
Character:  Eccentric, vain, impatient and extremely jealous of the attention Kate fit
gets - especially from Pimple!
Likes:  Earrings, lipstick, shoes.
Dislikes:  Anything that looks ugly.
Favourite food:  Strawberries, bananas, grapes; she particularly likes milkshakes.
The most famous person she's like to meet:  Cameron Diaz.
Favourite colour:  Pink.
Favourite place on IntarsiaHer beautiful garden.
Best friend:  Pimple. She thinks of Pimple as a friend; totally unaware that he would like to be her boyfriend - maybe because Pimple doesn’t seem interested.
With whom she'd most like to be stranded on a desert island: Pimple.
Favourite activity:  Gardening and making things look beautiful.
What she likes to do to relax:  Read. She’s particularly fond of historical novels, and listening to music.
Favourite most favourite possessionHer lipstick.
Who does she miss most when they are not aroundPimple.
If she were an animal she'd be: A fluffy bunny with a little pink nose.
Least favoured activity: Removing her make-up.
Ambition:  To be a famous actress. She thinks she’s very good (but the others think she overacts!)
Country of Origin:  Scandinavia
Address:  1 Mahogany Row, Planet Intarsia, K1 K2
Props:  Earrings, lipstick, compact mirror, straw shopping basket, shoes (lots of them), garden tools and a flower basket.