Lelooni is Planet Intarsia’s moon.  He works at night lighting up the sky with the help of the Loonbeams, and his beautiful “Wee Willie Winkie” candle!  He is supposed to sleep during the day on his cloudy bed, but he has too much energy for that! He floats above Intarsia, spying on the Sweaterheads looking for mischief to do!

He often pinches things from underneath the Sweaterheads’ noses. He loves teasing Sun and Wind, his favourite pastime is firing snowballs at them, cooling Sun down and knocking the wind out of Winds sails!  He loves practicing magic tricks with his magic wand cuddling Teddy and singing songs to Mouse, who  actually likes his squeaky voice.

Age:  Not very old
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Bald
Character:  Eccentric, vain, impatient, excitable. Bad tempered. a gossip, jealous, greedy and selfish. Not too bright for a moon that is!
Likes:  To get his own way
Dislikes:  Wind and Sun
Favourite Food:  Particularly likes cheese
Favourite colour:  Blue
Favourite place on Intarsia:  His cloudy bed
Best friend:  The Mothership and Mouse. Teddy too but he doesn’t speak, so he’s not very good company, but he is cuddly!
What he likes to do to relax:  Spy on the others down below.  Fishing with his rod, but not for fish!
Favourite Time:  When it’s time for a full moon, then he sees his other half the beautiful Leloona.  She and the loonbeams are the light of his life.
The most Famous person I’d like to meet:  His cousin the man on Earth’s moon.
Favourite activity:  Exercise
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island ?:  Stealing things from the planet below with his fishing rod, and practicing with his magic wand
Least favoured-activity:  Being alone with nothing to do
If he were an animal what would he be:  Moons can’t be animals
His most favourite possession:  His mirror and his fishing rod
Who does he miss most when they are not around:  Leloona
Ambition: To be a famous Magician, or a pop star
Country of Origin: Earth. the M/S pinched a little piece of Earth’s moon!
Address:  Orbit, Around Intarsia.
Props:  Teddy, fishing rod, hand held mirror, cushion, magicians wand, cloak etc. Anything he can get his hands on. He doesn’t keep everything.