Kate Fit is on a mission to get the Sweaterheads and Earth’s children fit and healthy, through exercise.  She skips, jumps, hops, somersaults and runs all over the Planet, and is always getting the other  Sweaterheads to join in her latest fitness craze!  She wants to get all of Earth’s children to love exercising as much as she does, and dreams of making a children’s fitness video. 

Her gym is above one of the shops in the Town Square, and is packed full of exercise equipment.  She doesn’t have any close friends; perhaps her bossiness is too much for the other Intarsians!  Louise drives her nuts with her make-up and girlie stuff, high heels and lipstick!  It’s all she talks about!  They do have a few things in common; they both want to be famous - in different areas, thank goodness!  Kate sometimes slips, and tells Louise she looks really pretty.  I wouldn’t say she was jealous; a little envious of her femininity, maybe.

Age:  Early teens
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde
Character:  Eccentric, vain, impatient and extremely jealous of the attention Kate fit gets - especially from Pimple!
Likes:  Exercise
Dislikes:  Not exercising and people who don't exercise.
Favourite colour:  Lilac
Favourite place on IntarsiaHer gym
Favourite food:  Fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, milkshakes and fruit ‘smoothies'
Best friend:  Doesn’t have one, but she’d like it to be Louise
With whom would she most like to be stranded on a desert island:  All the Sweaterheads for a month;  she’d soon whip them into shape
Favourite activity:  Exercise
Least favoured activity:  Not exercising
What I like to do to relax:  Somersault
Favourite possession:  Her gym
Who does she miss most when they are not around:  She doesn’t have time to miss anyone, she’s too busy.
Ambition:  To make a fitness video for Earth’s children. That would be really cool!
Country of Origin:  Scotland, Kelvingrove Park.
Address:  1 Mahogany Row, Planet Intarsia, K1 K2
Gym 5b, Town Square, Planet Intarsia, K4 P4
Props:  Ghetto-blaster radio, skipping-ropes, heavy, weights, step-up stool, vaulting-horse, ceiling,  rings and a hula-hoop.