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A UFO, or Unlikely Flying Object, was sighted in Milngavie on Saturday 19th February 2005, but don’t be afraid, it was the Mothership, a knitted creation of local children’s author, Susan Docherty.

Appearing at the Milngavie bookshop to help them celebrate their first anniversary, Susan brought along some of the Sweaterheads characters from her first two children’s books ‘The Unlikely Flying Object’ and ‘Lelooni’.

Local children and parents alike were enthralled to meet Susan in person and hear her read extracts from her two new books. 

Chelsey Gow from Milngavie came along with her mother Patricia, and was delighted when she got to hold the Mothership and talk to Susan.  And Iona, Ross and Alice Macintyre-Beon couldn’t believe their eyes when they met Susan and she read aloud to them from ‘Lelooni’.

Milngavie bookshop owner, Susan Frieze, said,

“We are so happy that Susan could come along for our first anniversary opening and bring some of her wonderful creations.”

Susan said,

“It was wonderful to spend the day in Milngavie and meet the children.  The whole day left me glowing inside.  It’s so heart warming to see how children love books so much.  My next book ‘Naebeard’ is about the Sweaterhead pirate who discovers the most amazing treasure – books.  I’m sure the children will love it!”