Demus Productions and the Mothership close to finalising deal.

The Mothership has finally finalised the deal with Glasgow Production Company Demus Productions, to produce the Sweaterheads. childrens Television Series. The Mothership went through months of stress as she waited for the deal to finalise. Lawyers for both parties took months to thrash out the deal. The mothership is relieved it’s all over.

Nick knew instantly he was on to a winner, when he first set foot on intarsia.

Formed in 1994 by former BBC producer, Nick Low, Demus Productions started in radio, quickly building a portfolio of a regular 170 radio programmes a year for the BBC. These range from weekly programmes for BBC Radio Scotland’s (Janice Forsyth Show, Be-Bop To Hip-Hop, and Scotland's Choice Cuts with Jackie Bird), to documentary series for BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 2 and NPR in America.

2005 saw Demus move into comedy with three series for BBC Radio Scotland -  Sabotage, Franz Kafka Big Band, and The Lewis Lectures.

Mothership signs hot shot producer Nick Low for Sweaterheads.


The Company’s television output consists of two documentaries for BBC Scotland's Ex-S Strand, one for Scottish Television's “This Scotland”, and two series of five episodes “Proud Parents” for Channel 4, alongside two music videos and a television interview feature with Dionne Warwick for American television.

Demus has it's own dedicated radio recording studios, 3 pro-tools set ups and Avid and Final Cut Pro editing facilities.

Demus have been working with Susan Docherty throughout 2005 to bring the TV concept of The Sweaterheads to fruition.

Demus produced the Sweaterheads audio books.